Discovering joy in simplicity

Ever found yourself lost in a thought – imagining a world that's not ruled by the pursuit for material possessions or social status?

A world where life isn’t just about constantly chasing the next big thing?

Our surroundings often lead us to a cluttered mind and a chaotic lifestyle. But amidst all the complexities, there is an understated charm in embracing simplicity that often goes unnoticed.

Simplicity, as I've come to understand, isn't about choosing scarcity or austerity.

It’s not about renouncing the modern world, living like a hermit, or denying ourselves the pleasures of life.

It's about eliminating the unnecessary, creating space for what truly matters, and discovering the profound beauty that lies in the simple and ordinary things.

It's about appreciating a solitary walk in nature, a heart-to-heart talk with a loved one, or the pleasure of a home-cooked meal. When we pare down our lives to the essentials, we give ourselves the chance to breathe, to live in the moment, to connect more deeply with others, and most importantly, to reconnect with ourselves.

Now, I'm not advocating for abandoning ambitions or halting the pursuit of success.

What I'm suggesting is a reassessment of what we consider to be “valuable.”

Swapping the 'more is more' mindset with a simpler approach doesn’t mean compromising on quality. Instead, it's choosing to invest in a few reliable, versatile pieces over a closet full of fast fashion. It's choosing to engage in authentic, face-to-face conversations over the endless and often mindless scroll on social media. It's about discerning between what we want and what we actually need.

I won't lie. Embracing simplicity can be difficult to action.

It takes introspection and deliberate choices. It means sometimes swimming against the tide in a world that equates success with excess. It’s through simplicity that we discover focus, and a sense of harmony that the typical ‘hustle and grind’ lifestyle often fails to offer.

Embracing simplicity is about stripping back to basics, hitting the pause button, being mindful, and realizing that the best parts of life aren’t 'things'—they’re moments, experiences, and connections.

They're beautifully simple, yet infinitely meaningful.

* * *

Thank you for taking the time to read my first short essay!